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Empire State Building Night Colors

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John Jacob Raskob, Chief Financial Officer of General Motors, championed the building of the Empire State Building during the great depression, after the stock market crash of 1929, to compete with William Chrysler's Chrysler Building. The Empire State Building became the world's tallest skyscraper but was nicknamed the "Empty State Building" as for several depression years it struggled to sign tenants and operated at only twenty five percent full. Our picture was taken at 1 am in the morning on a cold but windless winter night from Jersey City, New Jersey. Cold and windless air allowed the mid-town skyscraper lights to reflect beautifully in the waters of the Hudson River. The Empire State Building is on the far right of the picture, lit with neon green lights at the top. The picture was taken with a Canon R5 camera mounted with an RF 28 to 70mm lens set at f/8 at 25 seconds on a Peak Design tripod.