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Queen Elizabeth and her Royal family spend their summer holidays at Balmoral Castle. The town of Braemar, nine miles away, houses many of the Queen Elizabeth's workers. Guests can stay at the Five Star, Fife Arms Hotel. Occasionally, guests maybe guided by Gillies onto Prince Charles's Red Deer hunting estate. On this estate, stallions have been trained for years, by draping dead Red Deer skins covered in deer blood on their backs as foals, to not be afraid of carrying recently shot Red Deer down from the mountains slung across their strong backs. Apart from when being used to carry dead Red Deer Stags on their backs, these especially
trained Stallions are able to run wild in the mountains making it difficult and dangerous to take a close-up picture of one. Alice Pownall-Gray, guided by Royal Gillie Steve, stalked on her hands and knees, through heather and bogs, in pouring rain, lugging a thirty-pound lens, until she was able to capture this rare photograph. Canon R5 camera mounted with a Canon EF 800mm lens a f/5.6 at 1/500th sec, hand held.