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Three Geese Taking off at Dawn

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Canada Geese sleep while floating on water. They do this by having half of their brain fully sleep while the offer half of their brain maintains a minimal level of awareness. But not such minimal level of awareness that Canada Geese are easy to take an action photograph of. To take this picture I crawled along my dock as quietly as I could as I had seen three Canada Geese sleeping in the water near the dock with my binoculars in the pre-dawn golden light. The sound of my camera shutter release awoke the three geese and they instantly went from sleep to running on the water to gather speed for their take-off. I was lucky to have my Canon 1DX Mark 3 with me as it can shoot 20 frames per second with a mechanical shutter. Picture taken with a Canon IDX Mark 3 with an EF 100 to 400mm lens at f/5.6, panning to my left at 1/250 of a second, hand held.